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Clarinet Tuition By Geoff Bowles

With a range of about four octaves, the clarinet is one of the most versatile instruments of the orchestra.

It has been around, in one form or another for over 200 years and after many modifications and improvements the present design seems to have become well established.

There is a whole family of instruments in the clarinet family, some of which are very obscure nowadays, but the common range extends from the sopranino down to the contrabass, the Bb Soprano (shown above) being the most commonly used.

Many of the great composers have written works featuring the instrument and it is an essential member of the woodwind section in any orchestra.

Although it has been used extensively in jazz over the years, its popularity has declined somewhat and the clarinet is rarely seen in modern jazz ensembles.

It is still as popular as ever of course with traditional and Dixieland bands, with many stalwart traditional jazz enthusiasts regarding the 'upstart' saxophone with great suspicion.

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